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Welcome to Concept Carpentry & Engraving
All Products on this website are Carved into wood.
Each item is 100% unique.
Quality is the only similarity they have in common.

All designs and engravings, can be made to your own requirements, size, shape, type of wood.
Your own art work or company logo can be engraved, just mail me the design you have in mind and leave the rest to me. An image of your design is mailed to you for verification before production.

Concept Carpentry And Engraving is a small business situated in Lancashire UK. 
We engrave any type of wood to produce custom designed signs.

You may have your own artwork that you would like to use.


The photographs on this site are to show you the many possibilities
in which we can help you achieve your own personalised design.

Individually made we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and great care is taken with each and every plaque.
With over 30 years experience in the C.N.C industry, these skills are utilized in the personalised designed signs.

Every sign / plaque is produced exactly to the customer's requirements and taste.

If for example you require a stable sign, we can e mail you an image of the stable sign, before its actually engraved,
this way any spelling or font styles/designs that are not correct can easily be altered or simply just moved around
so everything is exactly as you want it to be.

We only produce your plaque when you are completely satisfied with your design.
I can also engrave logos, etc or design something using your own artwork,
all of which can be engraved into a hardwood of your choice.

Hardwood being the preferred type of wood used for outdoor house plaques or memorial plaques for instance.
Colour can also be added to improve clarity of the engraved design,
but the natural look gives the plaque a unique character of its own.

We make all kinds of wooden signs, you may just require a wooden sign without any image engraved into it.
But this too can still be personalised with your own choice of font style,capitals or lower case,
the lettering is entirely to your own taste.

 We also make, house names, house numbers,
warning signs e.g. beware of dog, information plaques - tradesmen entrance, private, no parking, village plaques,
farm signs, stable signs, equestrian plaques, shop plaques, school plaques, christening gifts, and memorial plaques.
Whatever your sign requirements are they will portray quality.


 A bit about Engraving

Engraving was born in the 15th century as a process called intaglio. First used by silversmiths to proof their intricate designs, the technique was soon adopted by
fine artists as a unique way to express themselves. Artists and their patrons marveled at the fine detail possible with the intaglio technique. Even more, they
admired the third dimensional effect created when the paper was permanently indented with every element in the design. The work had texture, substance, and

Modern engraving uses high tech processes, but remains true to this centuries old tradition of craftsmanship. Photo engraving has to a large extent replaced hand
etching. It produces sharp accurate images that precisely reproduce the finest detail. However, careful hand tooling is still used to refine sensitive details or remove
excess plate materials.

Through a combination of photo etching and hand tooling, the depth and width of every part of the image can be individually defined. It’s a mix of modern technology,
and ancient artistry that creates a product unequaled by other methods.

Engraving plates are made of copper, steel or brass. Because engraving presses must operate under high pressure, presses capable of covering a large image
area are very expensive, so most engravers use plates with an image area no larger than 5 x 9 inches. However, engraving can be done on paper of any size
through special presses, or sequential press runs. When an engraving plate or die is brought in contact with paper, much of the force is absorbed by a counter.
This mirror image of the engraving plate forces the paper into the die ensuring total image transfer.

Embossing is a sister technique to engraving. No ink is used. Paper is pressed between counter and plate. A strong, and permanently raised image is created. The
image is delineated by shadow and by feel resulting in a sophisticated design of extraordinary subtlety. In the careful hands of a master craftsman, embossing
techniques can create striking, multi-level designs. The image becomes sculptured. The effect is unique and memorable.